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punchy drums tutorial

Learn how to make a LoFi vinyl effect from scratch in Logic X. Perfect for Hip Hop and ambient music

how to get a loud mix using 2 limiters

Using two limiters instead of one is a great way to get a more well rounded, even mix

Mixing Vocals PT3 Compresison Saturation

Part 3 in our vocal mixing series. Learn how to use compression and saturation to beef up a vocal

Community tips.png

We asked you guys, the ESW community to offer up your best tips and tricks for mixing, and you didn't dissapoint 

3 tips for a louder mix.jpg

Learn three great tips to make your mixes louder, cleaner and clearer

Subtractive EQ Vs Additive EQ.jpg

Learn the concepts behind voice leading and how you can them in your music 

fabfilte proq3 worth it

In our opinion, this is one of best equalizers money can buy. This tutorial looks at all the new features and improvements

marshmello vocal chops tutorial

Learn how to make a Marshmello style vocal chop in less than 10 minutes

Mixing Vocals PT2.jpg

Part 2 in our vocal mixing series. Learn how to EQ, compress and DeEss a vocal

Static Mixnig 4.jpg

This might be the single most helpful tutorial you ever watch about mixing. 

Bigger 808s and Subs.jpg

Learn how to make your 808s and subs sound huge in the mix

creative reverb techniques

Learn how to spice up your reverb return track using formant shifting. Works great on vocals

Izotop Ozone 8 Review.jpg

Take a look at the newest features, modules, and improvements of this modern day legend

Mixing Vocals PT1 Wix.jpg

Part 1 in our vocal mixing series covers the very first things you should do when trying to mix a vocal

3 EQ mistakes.jpg

Avoid 3 common EQ mistakes that a lot of producers and DJ's make.

Mixing With Headphones.jpg

Follow these simple tips and tricks to get good mixes on headphones

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