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Subtractive EQ 

VS Additive EQ


In this video, Echo Sound Works dives into the ideas and concepts around two very different methods of equalization.

Subtractive EQ and Additive EQ. 

Each has a different purpose in the mix and each of these tools are very powerful in helping you sculpt the perfect sound. 

How do you know when to use one or the other or even both at the same time?

In any mix, some tracks require subtractive EQ and other may require additive EQ. You have to use your ears and be the judge, even though a lot of sites will tell you that you should NEVER use additive EQ, ultimately it's up to you. Additive EQ is more like an effect than a surgical tool. Subtractive EQ fixes things, additive EQ can makes things more interesting. Which I guess in a way, can fix things in the context of a mix.

I use a combination of both in every mix . I will say that I mainly use subtractive EQ in an overall mix, but there are definitely times when using an additive approach makes an element of the mix pop out more.

Check out the video to see and hear the difference between these two types of EQ and when I like to use each in a mix.

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