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Thump 808s for Serum

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These 808s are absolutely hard hitting and banging. And they are 100% synthesized in Serum using custom wavetables. This is NOT a bank of samples lazily thrown into the noise osc. When working with one shot 808 samples, you can run into all sorts of problems; the sample is too short, too long, has too much kick in the attack etc. You can easily control all of those elements and more with these presets. Complete flexibility.

Categorized into two types, clean and dirty, finding the right 808 for your track is really easy and fast.

Each preset has all 4 macros engaged and you can easily control common 808 elements like pitch envelope, release, and kick amount. 

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Serum Presets

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Tutorial Video


Check out a few of the Thump 808s in some demo songs.

Thump Demo #1

Thump Demo #2

Thump Demo #3

Thump Demo #4

70 Sub Rattling 808 Specific Wavetables

There's a reason why most Serum 808 preset packs lack the punch, character and production readiness. They just use basic sine waves included in Serum's factory content. 

We made 808 specific wavetables using some next level wavetable design techniques. Some of the tables were scripted with UHM. 

Almost all of the presets in Thump use at least one custom wavetable.

Overtone Wavetables

A Serum first. We have never seen a 808 pack for Serum make use of overtone wavetables.


We wanted to give you the ability to add overtones and harmonics to the 808s in Thump without having to use saturation and distortion. Sublab has a feature where you can just add an overtone series to your 808. So we wanted that feature set in Serum.

So we set out to make overtone series wavetables for Serum and we couldn't be happier with the result. Most presets have these loaded up into OSC2 and you can simply turn up the volume to introduce the overtone series. 

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Overtone Wavetables Overview Video


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