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reverse reverb logic x.jpg

Logic X has a secret weapon for creating reverse reverb FX.

Safe Bass Logic X.jpg

This is an essential technique for Hip Hop, EDM, and even Pop producers who need their low end to be tight and punchy

Logic More LIke Ableton.png

This tutorial will show you how to make Logic X more like Ableton 10

soft clipper logic x.jpg

Logic X has 5 hidden Soft Clippers that you can use to add punch and character to your mixes

Logic Update.png

A quick overview of all the new features included in the 10.2.4 update

YT logic Thumb.png

Learn the 3 best sampling techniques in Logic X

Logic X Vinyl Effect.png

Learn how to make a LoFi vinyl effect from scratch in Logic X

Hi hat rolls 2.png

Learn the easiest two ways to create perfect hi hat rolls in Logic X

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