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The 3 Best Ways to Sample in Logic X

Sampling in Logic X is a great way to find new and creative ideas

August 22, 2018

Working with samples and loops is such a great way to find new inspiration. I wanted to put together a comprehensive look at the 3 best ways to sample in Logic X.

I'm a big fan of committing tracks to audio because there is a certain freedom in the limitation. 

Has this ever happened to you?


A couple days ago I was working on a track with a client and I was using a mallet preset from SPHERE and we both really liked the chord progression and vibe, but we spent another 15 minutes playing the "what if game". What if we load up another preset and see how it sounds with the same MIDI. We found some cool alternatives, but the first sound we used the was the winner for this specific part of the track. 

I committed it to audio and moved on. Later in the session we came back to the mallet loop we created, and because we already bounced to audio, we could only move forward with the sound by manipulating it and adding effects. 

Logic X has a few tools that you can use to handle samples. Each has its own pros and cons, but I find myself using two of these techniques all the time. It's important you find the one that fits your workflow and makes you feel the most creative.

echo sound works alchemy.png


Alchemy is known for it's incredible synthesis engine, but did you know it's a sampler as well?

sampling in logic x


Logic X can quickly convert any audio into a new sampler instrument via the ES24

howt to chop samples in logic x.png


Logic X gives you tons of tools to manipulate samples in your main editing window. 

I personally like using Alchemy over the EXS24. It requires a little bit more work in terms of getting the samples into the instrument, but it's worth the extra effort in my opinion. Alchemy can do everything the EXS24 can, and so much more.

Check out the video to see each of these three techniques in action and how to capture any audio from your computer for free!


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