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Check out all of the new features in Serum version 1.202 in under 5 minutes!

Learn how to make a great sounding Tropical House flute sound in Serum. 

Just watch this video! Great tip and trick for more custom sounds in Serum.

In this video, learn how to make a highly usable pluck sound for multiple genres in Serum.

This tip can help improve any sound in Serum. You need to watch this one.

Learn how to make supersaw wavetables in Serum

The reverb filter in Serum is one of the most unique elements of the synth. Learn all about it here!

Serum has some really cool hidden features learn all about them here!

Serum comes with some dope multimode filters. Learn how to get more out of them here.

Did you know you can use pictures to generate custom wavetables in Serum? Learn all about it here.

In this video, learn how to make Serum sound more vintage with 3 easy to follow tips and tricks.

Learn a cool hidden feature of Serum in the filter section!

You can build sounds literally from scratch in Serum using the harmonic editor.

The note velocity feature in Serum is a great way to make it a more playable synth.

In this video, learn how to make resample a sound directly in Serum by resampling the warp mode.

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