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FabFilter ProQ 3

First Look

A Legendary EQ just got even better


FabFilter makes some of the best plugins for mixing and production. Their plugin, Pro Q 2, has become legendary in the modern production and mixing world for it's unique GUI, great sound, and incredibly efficient CPU handling.

FabFilter recently announced they would be updating the plugin to version 3. Pro Q 3 comes with a ton of new features and enhancements. 

These include:

--- Dynamic EQ - Optional Dynamic EQ mode for all bands (Bell and Shelf shapes), using any slope setting and with perfect analog matching


--- Per Band Stereo Placement - Per-band mid/side or left/right processing, so you can EQ the mid, side, left or right signals separately


--- Spectrum Grab Tool Tips - Spectrum Grab: just grab and adjust a peak in the real-time spectrum analyzer right away!


--- New Filter Slopes - Ultra-steep 'Brickwall' slope setting for LP and HP filters

--- Inter Plugin Communication - External spectrum visualization from any other Pro-Q 3 instance, including collision detection

Some of the new features at a glance

Dynamic EQ5.gif


Alchemy got a huge new update that will improve workflow for anyone who uses the synth. You can drag and drop samples directly onto the Source/Oscillator. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 6.33.42 AM.png


You can now apply smart tempo changes or adaptations to multi tracks and MIDI. This is great for when you drag and drop construction kits into Logic X.

stereo placement fabfilter proq3.png


10.4.2 gives you the ability (via a click or key command) to turn the send amount, which has previously been controlled by a little rotary knob, to a fader. 

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