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Inspiration Made Easy

Summer Melodies is our first MIDI pack featuring 25 Progressions. Each progression is Key labeled and comes with 3 parts: A lead melody, chord progression and a bass line. In total you get 75 MIDI files that you can tweak and use as inspiration.


Why MIDI? We like doing MIDI because it gives you complete control. You can change the key, tempo and even the chords and notes of any of the 25 Progressions. With audio loops, you cannot.


You also get to choose what sounds are playing what, which gives you more control over the final sound. 


Check out the demo to hear a good amount of the progressions in this pack. If you're unsure of how to use a MIDI pack, watch the video below!


PLEASE NOTE: No synth sounds or drum samples heard in the demo come with this pack. It's MIDI ONNLY. Most of the synth sounds come from Tropic Thunder V.1 and the drums are all from Tropical House Drums











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