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Tropical House Drums is a comprehensive sample pack for the hugely popular genre Tropical House.


If you don't know what Tropical House is, think slowed down house music with chill chord progressions and inspiring melodies all layered over some tropical elements like bongos, hand percussion or even pan flutes.


The sample packs comes with everything you need to make great sounding drum grooves for genres like Tropical House and even House. We sampled a bunch of bongos, shakers, djembes and other various hand percussion instruments as well as claps and snares to give you truly unique sounding samples.


There are also 5 Drum Kits which have been stemmed out at various tempos (105 BPM and 110BPM) that you can either use in your productions as is or use them as a learning tool.


As added bonus, we made a 2 Kontakt and 2 Battery instruments that make laying down realistic percussion grooves easier and quicker. 


Here's everything that's included:

  • 175 Drum Samples

  • 5 Drum Kits

  • 35 Drum Loops

  • 2 Kontakt Kits

  • 2 Battery 4 Ktis










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