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20 Expertly processed 808's 

that are drag and drop ready

lit free 808 samples for trap, hip hop, future bass, pop

Each year we update our Sub Zero 808 Kontakt Library and this year we wanted to take some of the new 808's we made and release them as a free pack! 

Lit comes with 20 production ready 808's. These have been processed and made with you, the producer in mind.


That means you're not going to have to spend a bunch of time processing these to get them to hit right in your music.

Take a quick listen to the demo presets below to get a feel for what these samples sound like. 

808 samples for Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and more

One Shots


Drag and drop into your sampler

All samples tuned to C

Easy to Use 

Works in any DAW

Instant Results

Production Ready

These samples don't need extra processing

Take a listen to LIT

ESW Lit 808 01 - Tic Tok - C

808 Tik Tok.png

ESW Lit 808 05 - Ripe - C

Upload 808.png

ESW Lit 808 02 - Filthy - C

808 filthy.png

ESW Lit 808 07 - Upload - C

Ripe 808.png

ESW Lit 808 04 - Fuzzles - C

Fuzzles 808.png

ESW Lit 808 10 - Stock Up - C

Stock up 808.png


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