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sub zero 808 kontakt library

808 & Sub Bass library for Kontakt

Finding the perfect 808 can be hard, but not anymore. We made Sub Zero 808 because we as producers, wanted a better, faster way of laying down our 808's. 

We made over 200 presets in total for this library, but only kept the best of the best. We threw away any that didn't make the cut. 

All of the control you need in one simple interface

sub zero 808 mockup 2.png

Hover Over Me



Sub Zero 808 is loaded with

150 Presets

that are immediately useable 

Sub Zero 808 will work for

Any Genre of Music

Hip Hop, Trap, RnB, EDM, Pop

Sub Zero 808 was designed to be

Easy To Use

So you can focus on making music

3 types of presets


These are your classic, heavy hitting, beat defining 808's you'd come to expect in a library like Sub Zero 808

No Kicks

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Each 808 has an accompanying "No Kick" version which is perfect for when your track already has a kick that you like.

Clean Subs

Sometimes you just need a simple, yet full sounding sub bass and that's why we made these. Perfect for multiple genres of EDM.

Check out some of the presets

Tik Tok 808

808 Tik Tok.png

Grey 808

Upload 808.png

Blunt 808

808 filthy.png

Upload 808

Ripe 808.png

Filthy 808

Fuzzles 808.png

Monarrk 808

Stock up 808.png
perfect tune.png

Tuned and ready to go

Each preset has been tuned and is ready for your bassline

Endless sustains

if you need them 

We give you the freedom to work with these 808s how you want.


Almost every patch will sustain endlessly if you need it to. Just turn up the sustain knob and hold that note down

loop points kontakt.png
code shot.jpg

Powered by 2,518 lines of code

Sub Zero 808 does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best, make music

New presets added every year. For free

808's are unique. They change and evolve more than any other sound we can think of. Trendy 808's in 2022 don't sound anything like what everyone was aspiring to use in 2017.

That's why we add new presets to Sub Zero 808 each year for free

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Sub Zero Box New1.png



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