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JULY 3, 2018

Chopping up chords is almost as important to a Future Bass drop as a Supersaw sound is. 


Some of the catchiest drops make use of interesting chops, or space. These chops or cuts are usually combined with sidechain compression for pumping, as well as maybe a shaper tool like the LFO Tool.


This video and tutorial is in response to a demo from our soundset and sample pack Grey Area V.1. We got a ton of questions about how we made this drop and we wanted to give you guys an answer.


It’s a combination of chops, sidechain compression and arrangement. If you have a difficult time knowing where to start when you're chopping up chords in Future Bass, try following these guidelines:


1.) First, make mix needed chops, like on a kick or snare or where you need space to make the mix work.


2.) Now try to get a few creative or unexpected chops/cuts in there. Usually it’s not a good idea to go overboard with this, maybe one or two per drop. It’s sometimes cool to use your unique chop in the second half of the drop or the turnaround.

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