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free serum wavetables

Core comes with 310 brand new wavetables. This is a must have for Serum users and is compatible with any synth that can import custom wavetables.

free halloween samples

Download 100 creepy Halloween samples and 20 eery presets for Serum.

free serum presets

Download 65 Melodic & Foley based noise samples for Serum. Zero crossing loop points are in all melodic samples.

free serum wavetables

Get 20 unique wavetables created by the ESW team. These range from digital to analog and we love to use these in our productions everyday!

free serum presets

Serum drums comes with 15 synthesized drum presets for Serum. Great for EDM!



Simpsons serum sounds

Download 37 Simpsons wavetables as well as 32 Simpsons Serum presets. Don't miss this pack Do'h!

free serum wavetables

Download 25 mutated wavetables for Serum. These advanced tables are designed to be used in multiple genres of music.

free serum plucks

Serum Plucks is a free pluck pack for multiple genres of music. You need to download this whether you produce EDM or Hip or even Pop.

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