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If you guys use Serum you know how important it is to have high quality wavetables. They can literally make or break a sound. Especially if you are modulating through the wavetable cycles for added depth and movement. 

That's why we made 25 Mutated Wavetables to top off your Serum collection and add some tools to your sound design kit.

Our Mutated Wavetables are great hybrid tables that can be used for a wide array of genres. We aren't just using a buzz word of "mutated" to describe these wavetables. These tables are mutated in that the first half of the cycles are more or less one shape with slight variations in it and the latter half is a different shape or shape(s).

I've been using these wavetables in a lot of custom sounds that have made it into my productions.


PS Check out the video below to see a great wavetable tip and trick in Serum. This video shows you how to use pictures as source material for wavetables.

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