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Did you know you can load custom skins into Serum? Hopefully you did, and that's why you are here. You want to find the ultimate list of free Serum skins!


We decided to make this list because for a few reasons. 


1.) We love Serum at Echo Sound Works.

2.) We get bored looking at the same thing day in and day out just like you do.

2.) Googling "serum skin" can yield less than desired results...Unless you're looking for makeup. 





Before you go and download your new skin, make sure you know how to install it!

1.) Download the skin - some of the links below will be direct downloads, and others will require some social currency like a Facebook like or follow.

2.) Unzip the rar or zip file.

3.) Find the folder that is just the skin. The main skin will contain files like 1x folder, 2x folder, colormap.png, and fonts folder. NOT every skin will have a 2x or a colormap file, but most do.

4.) Open Serum.

5.) Click on "Menu" and then click "Show Serum Presets Folder".

6.) The folder that now appears will have all of the Serum presets, wavetables and noise files as well as a folder called "Skins".

7.) Drag your new skin you downloaded into the skins folder. Make sure you do not delete the original that says "Default".

8.) Go back into Serum, click menu and then "Rescan folders on disc".

9.) Click on the big SERUM logo top left of the synth, a drop down menu will appear and you can navigate to your fresh skins.





Ableton Dark by Echo Sound Works

echo sound works serum skin 2021

Inspired by Ableton and the dark themes that come with versions 10 and 11, this skin is a nice mix of dark gray, blue, and orange. We might be biased on this, but we think this is one of the easiest to look at skins around for Serum. Every element has been customized and optimized  for the skin. 

Dirty Teal by Echo Sound Works

echo sound works white serum skin

Get the official ESW Serum skin. Familiar yet different. White is one of my favorite plugin colors because it's easy to see against most of the dark DAW GUI's in the background. All of the knobs are custom, 3D rendered knobs to match the theme.

Anthracite by Aevi

xfer serum skin free

Anthracite is a stunning skin that completely changes the look of Serum. This collection is free and you get 9 color variations.

Massive by Ent!ty and Zenith

massive serum skin

Throwback alert! It's a little weird saying that now, but Massive is kind of the OG software wavetable synth in the EDM scene. This is a classic synth in my opinion and seeing Serum look like its twin is awesome! This skin does not come in the 2x version, only 1x.

OTT by Ent!ty and Zenith

OTT serum gui

Another awesome skin by Ent!ty and Zenith. The OTT skin and Massive skin come together in the same download. Enjoy!

Frost by Cymatics

This is a cool skin by Cymatics. It has the iconic green wavetables and blue modulator curves, but it's a nice light-grey instead of the darker shades of the original.

Ableton Live by Nasko

Ableton serum skin

Ableton lovers rejoice! If you've ever wanted Serum to look right at home, this is the skin for you. The flat design is a nice change from the 3D elements you see in most skins. 

RPS Skin by Rocket Powered Sound

A nice, subtle makeover for Serum. This is the type of skin that's just different enough that it ticks off the "new and refreshing" requirement, yet isn't so different that you feel like you're not using Serum. I might be biased because another Shane runs Rocket Powered Sound, but I really like the way this one looks!


custom serum skin gui

This skin is a sleek dark blue themed GUI that pairs really well with the stock wavetable colors as well as the modulator curves.

KOMPANY by Justin Fowler

free xfer serum skin

This skin just says heavy sounds. It's slightly grunge which I think is a unique look for Serum. When I open this up, I want to make some filthy sounds.

Rick and Morty by Wolf.wav

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty you will love this! Even though it's a really bright and colorful skin, it's surprisingly easy to use once you dive in.

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