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ableton dark serum skin echo sound works

The Story

We released our Ableton Dark skin with our pack the X Keys as a limited time only bonus. In total, only 250 people got access to this bonus. Ever since then, we've been getting asked if we are ever going to release it again.


It's personally my favorite Serum skin, I use it all the time. Now I might be a bit biased, but the dark background and the vibrant blue and orange really make for an enjoyable experience when you're programming sounds. I've also used or tested almost every Serum skin there is (you can check out our extensive list of Serum skins HERE).

The Ableton Dark Skin shows up quite a lot in our YouTube videos and Instagram posts and every time it does, we get a lot of comments about the skin. Mostly people wondering where they can get it. 

That's why we decided to release it for free.

The Ableton Dark Serum skin was inspired by Ableton 10 dark mode and the synth Wavetable. The entire synth is skinned. Every knob, slider, and button, and it contains a custom font and color map. 


serum skin flat design

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serum ableton dark fX.png

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Serum skin ableton dark global.png

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