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echo sound works ashes v1 illenium future bass serum presets

Ashes V.1 - Illenium inspired Future Bass Presets and Samples

115 Serum Presets

95 NI Massive Presets

250 Drum Samples & Loops

4 Construction Kits

3 Bonus Packs - $37 Value for Free


What's Included In Ashes

3.9 GB of Content

You read that right. You get almost 4GB of professional sounding and production ready content. Instant inspiration. 

 115 Serum Presets

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We spent a ton of time making presets we think Illenium would want to use in his own tracks. These presets are not the same as the Massive patches.

95 Massive Presets

Massive is still one of our favorite synths around. It just has a great sound. These presets are not the same as the Serum presets. 

250 Samples 

Drum samples inspired by Illenium. Digital hybrid drums and acoustic drums. We also recorded a bunch of Guitar loops that are production ready. 

Ashes Serum




115 presets for Serum

75 custom wavetables 

75 custom noise samples

Easily stack melody with higher octaves

+  4 Construction kits


Ashes Massive


95 Presets for Massive

All 8 macros assigned

Production ready sound

Highly unique presets


illenium massive presets


250 Drum Samples

A huge component to Illenium's sound is his drums. He's created a very unique sound by combining acoustic drums with digital drums.  Ashes comes with all the tools you need to get the sound and even make it your own.

  • 30 Claps

  • 20 Foley

  • 45 Hats

  • 45 Kicks

  • 30 Percussion

  • 6 Snaps

  • 45 Snares

  • 15 Toms

50 MIDI Files

Ashes comes with 50 MIDI files that you can use to get instant inspiration. These are named after the presets used to create the MIDI in the demo. 

MIDI files are a great way to get over beat block, learn new theory by seeing how melodies and chords are made, or help you finish a track that's left untouched for months.

Construction Kits

We took 4 of the demo songs and stemmed them out so you could use them to kickstart your next track or use them as an extremely powerful learning tool.

Each kit is hyper organized:

  • Intro

  • Verse & Build

  • Drop

Ashes bonues


future bass guitar loops


Indie Guitars is a collection of 95 guitar loops broken up into song kits. Each kit has chord loops, melody loops and a rhythmic counterpart loop. You can hear these being used in the demo. Every guitar sound you hear is in this pack.

We recorded only the highest quality guitars: My personal American Jazzmaster (pictured) and a Stratocaster. The Jazzmaster has a very specific and unique tone. We recorded the guitars using a Line 6 Helix for unsurpassed amp modeling into a UAD Apollo and finally into Logic for post processing and editing.

Wet and dry loops are included.

We also created a highly unique drum pack called Indie Drums. These samples and loops are acoustic drums. I've always been into blending acoustic sounds with electronic ones, and if you're trying to get the Illenium sound, these are a must. 

There are 75 samples and loops in the ESW Indie Drums. 

The third and final bonus for Ashes is a personal favorite of the ESW team. We've always wanted to create a piano library for Kontakt, especially one that is naturally voiced for an EDM, Pop, or Hip Hop production environment. The Indie Piano is basic, but big sounding. There are only 3 controls plus ADSR on the interface. REQUIRES FULL KONTAKT. WILL NOT WORK WITH PLAYER VERSION

free kontakt piano
Ashes Demo BVideo