Vinyl Guitars Box.jpg

A uniquely sampled guitar vst perfect for Lofi and Trap

Vinyl Guitar is a character guitar plugin. We sampled a guitar through an actual vinyl record player and then made a playable instrument out of those samples.



Works in any DAW*

Simple GUI

Easy to Use

Macros and controls

Simple but

Unique Sound

for Lofi, Trap, and Pop

Vinyl Guitar Overview

Vinyl Guitar comes with an easy to use interface allowing you to sculpt the sound as needed. 

Vinyl Guitar gui.jpg
  • Fret Noise - Use this macro to control the level of the fret noise you hear when changing notes and chords.

  • String Buzz - This macro adds buzz to some strings randomly to more accurately recreate the sound of a real guitar.

  • Pick Noise - This macro adds a picked attack to the start of the sound. 

  • Reverb - The reverb knob is a dry wet knob. The reverb settings panel opens a pop up box allowing you to dial in other settings. 

  • Attack/Release/Dynamics - This section of the GUI allows you to change how the guitar plays to fit your playing style or MIDI. 


Here's 4 demo songs/tracks we made using the Vinyl Guitar

Half Time Stay

Dark Vibes

Emo Lofi



Are the sounds royalty free?

Yes, everything is always 100% royalty free. That means you can use any content from our products in commercial releases. If you make a hit song with one of our loops, presets, or samples, you don't have to pay us a dime. In fact, we hope that happens. And when you do make a hit song with one of our packs, we would love it if you let us know and share the track with us :)

Which DAW do I need?

In order to use the Vinyl Guitar you will need any DAW that is able to load Audio Unit (AU) and VST3 instruments and plugins. Vinyl Guitar is not supported natively in Pro Tools currently. These are the DAWs we have tested: - Logic X - Ableton - Reaper - Bitwig - Cubase - FL Studio

Tech Specs

Vinyl Guitar requires a 64 bit computer and a host DAW that runs VST3/AU. If you have an older version of Mac OSX and the included installer does not work, reach out to our support team, we can help guide you through a manual install.