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60 Analog Inspired Serum Presets

Unison analog synths for serum free download

Unison is a collection of analog inspired presets for Serum that are dripping with vintage character, but made to fit the workflow of the modern producer.


The inspiration from Unison came from a session where I had a hard time finding "analog" sounds that still fit with modern genres.  The presets in Unison are going to be right at home with genres likes Future Bass, Chillout, Retrowave, Pop, LoFi, and House.

We didn't just try and make Serum sound as analog as it possibly can. We sampled iconic vintage synths like the Moog Model D, Juno 60, Prophet, Jupiter 8, and a host of modular synths and turned those samples into wavetables.

Nearly each preset makes use of a custom wavetable or sample and the results are crazy. We also made sure each patch has useable and interesting macros so you can tweak each preset without having to dive too deep. 

Check out the demos below to hear the type of presets included in Unison.

Free Download Limited Time Only

Unison comes with

60 Unique

Presets for Serum

Unison is inspired by

Vintage Synths

Serum can sound analog

Unison works with almost

Any Genre

Future Bass, House, LoFi, Pop, Chill

Take a quick listen to some of the sounds in Unison

ESW Unison Demo #1

Purple demo.png

ESW Unison Demo #4


ESW Unison Demo #2


ESW Unison Demo #5

Narco Image.png

ESW Unison Demo #3

Rushed Demo.png

ESW Unison Demo #6



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