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A Toy Piano for any genre

Toy Piano Box.png

I don't know what it is about the sound of a Toy Piano, but I love it. Maybe its the mixture of the piano and the bell sound, or maybe it's that an instrument made for children can be so at home in an eery, dark Trap beat. Whatever it is, I love using them while producing.

That's why we decided to deeply sample a rare toy piano. It was actually an old prop piano for door-to-door piano salesman. 

We didn't just stop at sampling the piano, we also included a couple of unique layers that you can quickly blend with the main set of samples for a more unique sound.

Kontakt Presets/Snap Shots


Classic and Hybrid sounds

Custom GUI

Easy to Use

Macros and controls

Requires the

Full Version

of Kontakt 6 or above

The Toy Piano GUI 

The Toy Piano comes with 8 easy to use macros that allow you to quickly tweak the sound to perfectly match your productions

Toy Piano Floating GUI.png


Toy Piano comes with 6 designed presets for Kontakt. These are perfect starting points for kicking off your next track, song, or beat.

Toy Piano - Lullaby

Toy Piano Trap Demo

Toy Piano - Underwater

Toy Piano - Chill


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