Holiday 2021 Freebies

This is our way of saying thanks. We wanted to kick off our Holiday season by giving you access to 4 new FREE packs.

Gift 1: Percussion Toolkit

High quality, mix ready, & unique percussion for any genre

Finding good percussion samples can be oddly hard. Our goal with this pack was to make a collection of sounds we could reliably call up and get results. The Percussion Toolkit V.1 comes with 100 one shots ranging from hard to find world instruments to  custom-processed and layered sounds. We also included 50 loops at various tempos, perfect for when your tracks need a little spice. 

ESWPTK - 95 BPM - Pop Loop

ESWPTK - 80 BPM - LoFi Hats

ESWPTK - 124 BPM - Bongos 01

ESWPTK - 95 BPM - Key Shakes

ESWPTK - Dope Ride

ESWPTK - Rainstick

ESWPTK - Hall Clap

ESWPTK - Low Pop

Percussion Toolkit Box 3 Blank.png

Gift 2: Impact

25 High quality, versatile impacts for almost any genre

Impact Box.png

A sample pack of Impacts that's called Impact and uses the font Impact? Yeah we did that. We teamed up with one of our friends who is an incredible cinematic sound designer to make this pack. Every genre of music uses impacts, they are one of best ways to create and resolve tension. But not all impacts work for genres like House, Pop, Future House, Future Bass, Trap, etc. So we set out to make a small but POWERFUL collection of impacts for those genres.









Gift 3: Toy Piano for NI Kontakt

Perfect for genres like Trap, Drill, Latin, Pop, and so much more. 

Toy Piano Floating GUI.png

We love the sound of a toy piano. Part bell and part piano. What's not to love? We sampled and then MANGLED the sounds to get a more production ready instrument.

Toy Piano - Lullaby

Toy Piano Trap Demo

Toy Piano - Underwater

Toy Piano - Chill

Gift 4: Reese Basses

20 Serum Presets and 15 Vital Presets. Perfect for any genre

Reese Basses Box.png

This is probably the best cover and soundset name we've ever come up with. The sounds aren't too shabby either. The "Reese Bass" or detuned saw bass, is probably one of the most used synth sounds of the past 5 years. And there's a good reason for that. It works in almost any genre. Reese Bass comes with 20 Serum presets and 15 Vital presets. Anyone who produces modern music is going to love this pack!

Serum - Big Boy

Vital - New Fav

Serum - Every Song

Vital - Cinema