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strange thing serum presets

Stranger Things, the hit Netflix show, has an incredible score. If you don't know much about the series, all you need to know about the soundtrack is that it's haunting, beautiful, and a synth lover's dream. 


The show is set in the 80's and the music perfectly represents the new synthesis technologies that were popping up during that time.


We put together a pack of Serum presets that is unabashedly analog sounding. These presets will be a welcomed addition to your collection regardless of what genre you produce. This pack isn't going to be free forever, and it's pretty big collection of sounds, so make sure you pick it up ASAP!

You get 74 Serum presets and 50 wavetables sampled from classic synths like the Mini Moog, Juno, Jupiter 8 and more. It also comes with bonus drum loops and drum samples taken from drum machines that were popular in the 1980's.

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