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Tighten up your effects with this easy technique. It works in any DAW and will really help improve the quality and clairty of any mix.

Reverb and delay are important effects, but they can clutter a mix and detract from the groove. They can also suck important elements back into the mix, making them harder to hear. Sidechain compression of reverb or delay return busses is a great way to avoid this, particularly with lead synths or vocals. 

Not all delay plugins will come with a sidecained input. For instance, Fab Filter Timeless does, but the stock stereo delay plugin in Logic Pro X does not. 

If a delay plugin comes with a sidechained input, all you need to do is load the delay on an AUX or BUSS and then sidechain the audio to itself. This will make the delay stand out and turn up in volume when the lead/vocal IS NOT playing. Perfectly filing in the gaps in your track.

If your favorite delay plugin doesn't have a sidechain input, don't worry you can still use this technique. Repeat the first step of the process, but right after the delay plugin load a compressor and use the sidechain input on the compressor. 

Check out the video to see how this is done!

-Echo Sound Works

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