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Turn a rotisserie chicken into an instrument

Creative sampling = more unique music

August 28 2018

The world is waiting to be sampled. You really can turn anything into something.DAW's like Ableton and Logic X and tools like Kontakt, Simpler, and Serum to name just a few, gives you the power to create highly unique sounds from almost anything.

To test this theory, in this video I turn a rotisserie chicken with some rubber bands into an instrument and sample it to make a patch in Serum.


A lot of our community produces EDM, Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop ,and Pop, so I know a lot of you are aware of using foley samples like these to enhance your music. 

But most of the time when we think about foley sounds, it's usually thought of as a percussive sound, or a layer to make a drum sample pop more. You can take the approach of recording soundscapes, foley, and other sources to create tonal sounds that can be played chromatically.

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