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free roland tr808 drum samples

808 DAY V1

Today is 08-08-2018! So to celebrate 808 day, we are giving you a FREE pack of all things 808 related.

808 Day is two free packs in one. It's one part Roland TR808 samples and one part 808's. 

We sampled a classic TR808 and made some hybrid TR808 sounds with a bit of our own unique flavor added to them. In total, 808 Day comes with 65 TR808 inspired samples. 

808 Day also comes with 808's. These are hard hitting and perfect for genres like Trap, Hip Hop. In total you get 20 unique 808's. These are some of the our favorite 808's we've ever made. We didn't skimp just because this is a free pack.

In total, the pack comes with 85 samples to celebrate both the iconic drum machine and one of the most iconic sounds in music, an 808. 

Get em now!

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