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Percussion Samples and Loops

High quality, mix ready, & unique percussion for any genre

ESW Perc Tool Kit Box.png

Finding good percussion samples can be oddly hard. Our goal with this pack was to make a collection of sounds we could reliably call up and get results.


The Percussion Toolkit V.1 comes with 130 one shots ranging from hard to find world instruments like Bata and Yambus to more traditional sounds like Shakers and Tambourines  to  custom-processed and layered sounds. We also included 50 loops at various tempos, perfect for when your tracks need a little spice. 

Take a listen

ESWPTK - 95 BPM - Pop Loop

ESWPTK - 80 BPM - LoFi Hats

ESWPTK - Dope Ride

ESWPTK - Metal Perc 02

ESWPTK - Rainstick

ESWPTK - 124 BPM - Bongos 01

ESWPTK - 95 BPM - Key Shakes

ESWPTK - Low Pop

ESWPTK - 85 BPM - Gross Mouth

ESWPTK - 124 BPM - Break Bowl

ESWPTK - Hall Clap



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