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40 Free Presets for Vital

ESW Origins for Vital Box

Origins is a collection of multi genre presets for Vital. This pack is especially useful if you have the free version of Vital. If you don't have Vital, you can download it now for free from Vital Audio.

Origins isn't a hyper focused collection of presets for Vital that centers around one genre. Instead, we wanted to make a diverse bank of sounds that you can use in a ton of different genres. You will find Vital preset for genres likes House, Future Rave, Hip Hop, Trap, Slap House, Pop and more.

Free Download - Limited Time Only

Origins comes with

40 Unique

Presets for Vital

Origins comes with

50 Wavetables

For a unique sound

Origins works with almost

Any Genre

Trap, House, LoFi, Pop, Chill

ESW Origins for Vital square cover


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