Nu Vintage

Disco Pop & Synth Pop Samples

Pop music in 2021 will continue to lean heavily on drum  sounds rooted in the 1970's and 1980's. Artists like Charlie Puth, Dua Lipa, DNCE, The Weekend, Bruno Mars and Doja Cat have all had massive using drums that  are decidedly Nu Disco or Synth Pop.

That's why we wanted to make an epic collection of drum samples and drum loops that will immediately transform your track and take your listeners back to to the 70's and 80's. Finding high quality Disco Pop and Synth Pop drum samples is almost impossible. These are some of the best samples we've ever made. 

We recreated some of our favorite Disco and Synth Pop songs to showcase how powerful these samples are! All of the synth sounds heard in the demo are in our pack Vivid 

WAV One Shots


Kick, Snare, Claps, Hats, Perc

Drum Loops


Full, Top Loops, Perc & Hat Loops



Bass Loops

270 New-Vintage Samples

These samples are part vintage and part modern. We wanted to make new drum samples that maintain the vibe and character of 70's and 80's, but also come ready to be easily used in modern productions.

38 Kicks

ESWDP Kick 20 - E - Emu
ESWDP Kick 13 - C - Physical
ESWDP Kick 01 - C - Disco Pop
ESWDP Kick 01 - C - Bitz

45 Hi Hats & Cymbals

ESWDP HH Closed - Aspen
ESWDP HH Closed - Bomba
ESWDP HH Open - Idah
ESWDP Crash - Forbidden

67 New Snares

ESWDP Snare 01 - C - Mars Bar
ESWDP Snare 02 - C - Twix
ESWDP Snare 47 - F - Bruno
ESWDP Snare 26 - D - Bruno

10 Snaps

ESWDP Snap - Fancy
ESWDP Snap - ZInger
ESWDP Snap - Snazzy
ESWDP Snap - Ari

37 Claps

ESWDP Clap - Access
ESWDP Clap - Comet
ESWDP Clap - Fire

75 Percussion & Toms

ESWDP Tom 01 - C - Rick Roll
ESWDP Tom 16 - G - Smacked
ESWDP - Perc - Alien Shaker
ESWDP - Perc - 80s Blip

Loops made by producers for producers. Full loops include Stem Kits.

210 Production Ready Loops

140 Full Loops + Stems

Full Drum Loop 01 - 100 BPM 
Full Drum Loop 14 - 165 BPM 
Full Drum Loop 12 - 115 PM 
Full Drum Loop 08 - 140 BPM 

30 Hi Hat Loops

Hi Hat Loop 04 - 105 BPM
Hi Hat Loop 10 - 110 BPM 
Hi Hat Loop 12 - 115 BPM
Hi Hat Loop 26 - 150 BPM

40 Perc Loops & Drum Fills

Drum Fill 04 - 100 BPM 
Drum Fill 10 - 140 BPM
Top Loop 03 - 100 BPM
Top Loop 08 - 100 BPM

Loop Stems - A Better Way To Loop

Bonus Bass Loops

Bass drops and chorus loops + Synth Pop bass loops

So many Disco Pop and Synth Pop hit songs have a distinctive and catchy bass line. We wanted to make it easy for you to get that sound so we worked with some incredible sesssion bassists to record catchy, hooky, and unique Electric Bass loops.

25 Electric Bass Loops & Riffs

ESWDP Bass Loop 02 - 100 BPM - A Maj
ESWDP Bass Loop 07 - 100 BPM - G Min
ESWDP Bass Loop 22 - 124 BPM - Gb Min

20 Synthwave Bass loops + MIDI

ESWSP Bass Loop 02 - 100 BPM - D Min
ESWSP Bass Loop 10 - 140 BPM - D Min
ESWSP Bass Loop 07 - 110 BPM - Gb Min

Nu Vintage Contents





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