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Modular synths turned

into hybrid wavetables

modular box.png

Modular synths are capable of creating some of the most unique and "out there" sounds. A modular synth differs from a standard synth in that they are usually a combination of "modules" all housed in a rack. These modules can be tone generating synths, effects like delays, reverbs, distortions etc.

We wanted to bring that unique modular flair and make it accessible to anyone who uses wavetable synths like Serum, ANA2, Pigments, etc. 


So we sampled some of the most famous modular and semi-modular synths like the Korg MS20, Arturia MiniBrute, and Moog Matriarch and turned the best samples into playable wavetables.

You can expect rich and analog-sounding tones from Modular, as well as unique evolving wavetables.



Korg MS20, Minibrute, SK1

Spice up presets

Easy to Use 

Works with any genre

Instant Download

100 % Royalty Free

Free to use commercially

Modular works with any wavetable ready synthesizer

modular graphic 1.png

Take a listen

Some wavetables in Modular are steeped in rich analog character, while others evolve and morph in crazy ways. 


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