Lofi Serum Presets & Drum Loops

Haze LoFi Tool Kit Free Download

LoFi is such a fun genre to make and to listen to. There's a reason why it's so popular on Spotify, getting millions of streams each month on huge playlists.

We wanted to release Haze as a teaser to our larger, more comprehensive LoFi pack.

Haze is one of our biggest free packs to date, loaded with Serum presets, drum one shots, foley, and drum loops. 

We've also included some of our crazy tape loop presets in Serum. If you follow us on instagram, you might have seen our post about these presets.

Serum Presets


Bass, Keys, Pads, & Synths

Drum Loops


Full, Hi Hat, & Top Loops

Drum One Shots


Foley, Textures & Drums

Take a listen

Haze Demo Melody 01

Haze Melody 01 Wavefor .png

Drum Loop 03 - 81 BPM

Haze Lofi Drum Loop 03 - 81 BPM.png

Haze Demo Melody 02

Haze melody demo 2.png

Texture - Water Static

esw haze water static.png

Haze Demo Melody 03

Haze Melody 01 Wavefor .png

Top Loop 03 - 75 BPM 

Lofi Drum Loop 02 - 75 BPM.png



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