Learn how to make a Mesto inspired drop

August 01, 2018

In support of our soundset and sample pack SPHERE, we wanted to make a video showing you guys some great pro tips for creating a Future Bounce drop. One of the demo songs we used to showcase the presets and samples included in SPHERE is a Future Bounce drop inspired by Mesto's remix of You Owe Me by the Chainsmokers.

Future Bounce has taken the house scene by storm in 2018 and it's no wonder so many producers are trying to learn how to make professional sounding Future Bounce that competes with artists like Brooks, Mesto, Mike Williams and more. 

Every Future Bounce drop is going to be made up of 4 main ingredients

1.) Drums 

2.) Bassline

3.) Lead

4.) Chords

As simple as it sounds, only having 4 main components, it can be very hard to get that Future Bounce vibe in your productions. 

This tutorial video will show you how to craft a bass line for Future Bounce, how to create interesting lead melodies using creative portamento, and how to glue it all together with some chord or polyphonic tracks.

Even though I am using Logic X in the video, the concepts and ideas shown can easily be applied to any DAW!


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