A modern take on the Kalimba

echo sound works free kalimba for Kontakt, Ableton, Logic X

The Kalimba is one of my favorite instruments. It fits nicely into so many genres of music like Pop, House, LoFi, and even Trap/Hip Hop. We've used and sampled Kalimbas before for packs like Sphere and the X Keys, but we've never released a multi-sampled version. 

The 🔥Kalimba was created with the modern producer in mind. We wanted to put a new spin on this instrument and the results are crazy. 

There are 5 unique versions or presets, and we feel confident in  saying that you haven't heard the Kalimba sound like this before. 

Kontakt, Ableton, & Logic X versions

Extended note range 

Round robin sampling

5 unique variations (presets)


Trap Demo


LoFi Demo


Chill Demo


FX Demo



Are the sounds royalty free?

Yes, everything is always 100% royalty free. That means you can use any content from our products in commercial releases. If you make a hit song with one of our loops, presets, or samples, you don't have to pay us a dime. In fact, we hope that happens. And when you do make a hit song with one of our packs, we would love it if you let us know and share the track with us :)

Which DAW do I need?

In order to use the Samples & Loops you will need any DAW that is able to load .wav files.
In order to use the Project Files you will need FL Studio version 20 (or higher), Logic Pro X version 10.4 (or higher) or Ableton Live version 10 (or higher).