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Fabfilter, makers of some of my favorite mix plugins, have FINALLY released a reverb plugin. And it doesn't disappoint.

Fabfilter Pro R has quickly become on of my favorite reverb plugins. 

Pro R is a really unique reverb plugin with some features that really bode well with modern production techniques. I talk about those at length in the review video. 

I will say that the EQ and Decay Rate EQ are a hugely welcomed addition and make getting the right reverb sound a lot easier. Well at least to me.

And as a full disclaimer, I did buy Pro R, so everything I am saying is my honest opinion.


Some of my other favorite reverb plugins are, in no order:

1.) Arts Acoustic Reverb

2.) Valhalla Plate

3.) Valhalla Vintage Verb 

4.) Valhalla Room

And I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Pro R has definitely worked it's way into my top 5. I use Arts Acoustic on a lot of synths, the Plate reverb on vocals and Vintage Verb on a wide range of sounds. The sound of Pro R is a lot better to my ears than the Valhalla Room plugin, and it has definitely been replaced or nearly retired.

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