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Here’s your chance to check out what gear I’m using and why! Check out a tour of my project studio. 


3 things to take away from this video:


1.) Every modern studio at it's core is a computer, audio interface, monitors,  midi controllers and maybe some microphones. It's up to you to find the gear that fits your work flow and creative style. What works for me may not work for you.


2.) No space is acoustically perfect, just dive in to your space and make do with what you have. I don't like how my room is laid out but it gets the job done.


3.) I buy most of my gear on payment plans from Zzounds or American musical or I buy used. If I do buy something I don't like, I sell it and move on to the next.



Here's a list of some of the gear for those that care:

Computer - iMac 

Interface/preamps - UAD Apollo 8 & Presonus ADL 600

Monitors - JBL LSR308 & KRK Rokit 5

MIDI Controller - M Audio Code 61

Sequencing - Maschine Studio

Microphones -  Manley Reference Cardioid, Blue Kiwi, Rode NT5 Oktava mod 

Guitars - Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Taylor Mini, Taylor 110

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