You've Never Heard Keys Sound Like This

405 Total Presets for Serum, ANA2 & Massive

215 Serum Presets & New Serum Skin

50 ANA2 Presets

700 Drum Samples & Loops 

110 Instrument One Shots

50 MIDI Files

5 Construction Kits

4 Huge Bonus Products, Only 250 Copies Available*



The concept for X Keys is simple.  Take key instruments, and turn them into hybrid sounds that are perfect for you, the modern producer or beatmaker. We sampled over 50 instruments, including Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos, old Electric Keyboards, Kalimbas, rare hand pianos, Bell Tone Pianos, Organs, Vintage Synths and so much more and resynthesized those samples back into Serum and ANA2. 

The result is a unique collection of hybrid sounds that makes typical sounding keys fresh again. We didn't think an Organ could sound fresh until we made the X Keys (no organ players were harmed in the making of that sentence). We built hundreds of patches around the custom wavetables and samples that fit modern music perfectly. X Keys will be a welcome addition for anyone who produces:

Future Bass

Hip Hop







205 Key Presets for Serum

95 Custom Wavetables


4 Macros Active On Every Preset

Velocity Macro Active On Each Preset

Custom Serum Skin - Ableton Dark Skin 


50 Presets for ANA2

8 Macros Assigned For Easy Tweaking

Unique Sound Design


Production Ready Sounds




The X Keys comes with 5 construction kits that are royalty free, meaning you are free to use them in your next commercial release or use them as learning tools.

Each kit is tediously organized and can quickly kick off new song ideas or build upon current ones. Each sample and file is WAV, 24 bit format and will work with every DAW.


You read that right. X Keys comes with 700 drum samples & loops. Most of these samples are brand new. We did include some of our all time favorites from past releases. The samples are organized into the following genres:

-- Future Bass

-- Hip Hop

-- House

-- LoFi & Chill 


Some producers prefer MIDI over a WAV construction kit. We love both, but having the MIDI does give you more creative freedom.


Drag and drop any of the included MIDI files into your DAW of choice to kickstart your next track. Quickly edit and tweak so it perfectly fits with your song. 

These are also great learning tools. 

Each MIDI file is named with the preset that was used to create it.



Helix for Serum

$17 Value For Free

Helix comes with 50 presets that cover genres like Future Bass, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and more.

Any sound you hear in the demo that isn't a key sound is either in Helix or Boost.


Boost for NI Massive

$15 Value For Free

Boost comes with 100 presets that cover genres like Future Bass, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and more.

Any sound you hear in the demo that isn't a key sound is either in Helix or Boost.

Ableton Dark Skin

For Serum

We might be biased, but this is one of the easier to look at Serum skins around. Inspired by Ableton's Wavetable synth, it's the official X Keys Edition skin for Serum!






echo sound works satisfaction guarantee


30 day guarantee on all full products 


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