We're like you. We are sick of hearing the same samples reused over and over. So we made new ones.

Drums That Sauce is the perfect sample pack if you produce Trap, Hip Hop, Drill, Pop, and even Future Bass.

Our goal with this pack was to create saucy, unique, and new drum samples that still sonically fit into popular genres and contemporary trends.

We got sick of hearing the exact same kick, snare, and clap samples in almost every sample pack. So if are looking for type beat samples that sound exactly like everyone else, this pack isn't for you.

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WAV One Shots


Kick, Snare, Claps, Hats, Perc

Drum Loops


Full, Top Loops, & Perc Loops

MIDI Files


For Hi Hats



808's for any sampler

We tested every single sample in a beat or song to make sure they cut through any mix. Any sample that didn't make the cut got thrown into what we call the "B Sides" folder. 

44 New Kicks

ESW Sauce - Kick 08 - Chipped
ESW Sauce - Kick 01 - Super Heavy
ESW Sauce - Kick 14 - No Cap 
ESW Sauce - Kick 37 - Drill Bit

68 New Hi Hats

ESW Sauce - HH Closed 05 - Frog
ESW Sauce - HH Closed 01 - Shuffle
ESW Sauce - HH Open 28 - Optimus
ESW Sauce - HH Closed 32 - Tipsy

60 New Snares

ESW Sauce - Snare 04 - Vader
ESW Sauce - Snare 30 - Yikes
ESW Sauce - Kick 28 - Fashion
ESW Sauce - Snare 22 - Golden

24 New Rims

ESW Sauce - Rim 16 - Hollow
ESW Sauce - Rim 22 - Aluminum
ESW Sauce - Rim 18 - Wrecked 
ESW Sauce - Rim 02 - Alien

44 New Claps

ESW Sauce - Clap 05 - Phaser
ESW Sauce Clap 17 - Crisp
ESW Sauce - Clap 06 - Vocoded 
ESW Sauce Clap 02 - Crafted

85 New Percussion

ESW Sauce - Kick 08 - Chipped
ESW Sauce - Perc 44 - Tamb
ESW Sauce Perc - 16 - Don't Know
ESW Sauce Perc - 24 - Flujme

Kickstart new ideas. Made by producers for producers. 

20 Full Loops

Full Drum Loop 03 - 150 BPM 
Full Drum Loop 03 - 103 BPM 
Full Drum Loop 01 - 78 BPM 
Full Drum Loop 19 - 164 BPM 

40 Hi Hat Loops

Hi Hat Loop 16 - 140 BPM
Hi Hat Loop 18 - 142 BPM 
Hi Hat Loop 25 - 150 BPM
Hi Hat Loop 22 - 150 BPM

40 Sauce & Top Loops

Sauce Loop 14 - 144 BPM 
Sauce Loop 06 - 103 BPM
Sauce Loop 01 - 78 BPM
Sauce Loop 16 - 150 BPM

It wouldn't be an Echo Sound Works product without some amazing bonuses. 

50 MIDI HiHat Loops

50 808's Tuned to C

MIDI Hi Hat loops give you a great canvas to start new ideas around. They can also help you learn new rhythms. Just drag and drop these into your daw on a sampler track with a hi hat sample loaded and you're off and running. 

When we say we made a bunch of new samples, we weren't kidding. Here's an inside look at how we did it.

The Sauce Ingredients





echo sound works satisfaction guarantee


Most sample companies make one thing very clear – all sales are final. Not with us. We are proud of the products we make, and we genuinely believe that our samples and sounds will impact your productions. If you're not happy with your purchase, let us know and we can exchange it for another product or issue a refund. 

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