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 4 Unique Pianos For Any Genre

Denver Grand Piano Free Kontakt

Fun fact. There aren’t many useable, let alone good free piano libraries. I was putting together a list of the best free pianos for our blog and YouTube channel, and after trying out about 20 freebies, I was shocked at how bad most of them are. The ESW team sampled this piano about 6 months ago, and we decided to make a high quality, modern sounding free piano library.

Why Denver? It’s admittedly not the first city you think of when you picture a grand piano. But Denver is the city where Echo Sound Works started. Denver is where I went to college to study music. That’s why we jumped at the chance to sample a Piano from my old stomping grounds.

Kontakt, Ableton, & Logic X versions

Over 1,000 samples including key noise and hammer noise

Round robin sampling

4 unique variations (presets)

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These are examples of the 4 different Kontakt presets

To embody the vibrant music scene in Denver, we decided to make 4 unique patches in the Kontakt version. 


Denver Grand Main - Just what you’d expect.  An immediately playable and inspiring grand piano sound


Denver Grand Cassette - We resampled a lot of the piano into a Tascam Portastudio tape recorder and the results are incredible if you’re into LoFi and Chill.


Denver Modern House - This is our take on the classic and iconic House piano from the Korg M1


Denver Grand Ambient - There are a couple special granular layers giving this piano a unique sustain

ESW Denver Grand


Denver Grand - Cassette


Denver Grand - Modern House


Denver Grand - Ambient



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