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In this video, learn some great tips and tricks that will help advance your Future Bass productions. Future Bass has some of the most intricate drum grooves in modern EDM because you really can do whatever you want. 

It's typically groove based (not 4 on the floor) and you can add a lot of nice, unique percussion to your groove to make it stand out.

I like using water drop sounds and vocal chops that happen in a 8th note or 16th note rest. You can check out my Future Bass track White Light if you want to hear a full track example.






You can include weird, foley inspired sounds as well as percussion fills. This video will show you some tips and tricks for Future Bass drums that I like to use when I'm producing.

Check out the video to see how you can chop up loops to make them your own. All samples in this video come from our epic Future Bass drums pack.

-Echo Sound Works

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