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Unique Melodic One Shots for any Genre

Aura box new new.png

Aura is a collection of unique melodic one shots that can easily be used in a ton of genres. We wanted to make a pack that contains sounds that can make your next beat or track stand out.

Each sample is tuned to C which means you can easily and quickly drag and drop these into your favorite sampler or synth. They are great for layering with Serum presets in the Noise OSC!

Aura contains:

- 10 Bass & 808s

- 19 Instrument Samples

- 18 Key Samples

- 17 Lead Samples

- 15 Pad Samples

- 7 Pluck Samples

- 15 Synth Samples

Total One Shots


Instruments, keys, pads, leads, synths

All tuned to


Easy drag and drop

Aura Works With


Any sampler and any synth

Take a listen

Aura Pad Grain Choir

Haze Melody 01 Wavefor .png

Aura Pluck Flam

Haze melody demo 2.png

Aura Instrument LoFi Steel

Haze Melody 01 Wavefor .png


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