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18 Royalty Free Melody Loops

Anthems Box.png

Melodies can make or break a beat. If the drum groove is what people bob their head to, the melody is what they feel and remember.


It doesn’t matter what genre you produce, the melody will always be the most valuable aspect of a track because it’s what sets the mood for the rest of your production.

So whether you produce hip-hop, trap, r&b, etc, Anthems will help you speed up your workflow and give you a ton of new inspiration for your next beat.

Most loop kits out there come with 10-15 melodies and sell for at least $30-$60. Anthems not only comes with 18 unique loops, each melody includes stems and MIDI when relevant! 

That means you have ultimate control over how you integrate these melodies into your productions!

Includes loop stems and MIDI

Anthems comes with

18 Unique

Melodies. All key labeled

Anthems includes

Stems + MIDI

gives you total control

Anthems works in


Fl Studio Logic X, Ableton, Maschine, Reason

Take a listen to what you can do with Anthems

ESW Anthems 01 - Purple - 160 BPM D Min

Purple demo.png

ESW Anthems 11 - Flare - 130 BPM G# Min


ESW Anthems 18 - Swoosh -100 BPM G# Min


ESW Anthems 17 - Narco - 160 BPM B Maj

Narco Image.png

ESW Anthems 15 - Rushed - 130 BPM C Min

Rushed Demo.png

ESW Anthems 04 - Heater - 140 BPM D# Min



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