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The best Trap and Hip Hop presets you'll find for ANA2. Anywhere.

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ANA2 is an incredibly slept on synthesizer. It's always been one of our favorite synths and as we've used it more and more, we've realized just how powerful it really is. 

3 virtual analog or wavetable oscillators, 3 sample based oscillators, a ton of high quality effects and filters as well as super flexible modulation. All that amounts to nearly endless sound design possibilities. 

That's why we wanted to create the ultimate Trap and Hip Hop soundbank for ANA2 and that's exactly what we did. 

Drip comes loaded with 80 beat ready presets inspired by the biggest acts in the game: artists like Juice WRLD, Gunna, DaBaby, and Post Malone.

80 Presets for ANA2

50 Custom Samples

Custom Drip Skin 

The 808's Are Pure 🔥

Have you ever downloaded an 808 pack only to realize most of them aren't usable? Yeah, we have too. Have you ever used 808 presets for synths and thought, what the hell are these? Yeah, us too. 

There's a reason making high quality, modern 808 presets in a synth is hard. Most of the 808's being used in music today are heavily processed samples. Usually when you use an 808 synth preset, you still have to process the sound with external effects.

Not the 808's in Drip. 

We decided to use a whole new technique of synthesizing 808's. We made an 808 sample from scratch then split the sound into two parts, the kick or attack, and the body. We then used those two parts to create presets in ANA2. 

The results are incredible. You have complete control over the length, decay, release, and pitch envelope of the 808 using simple macros. 

Drip Even Comes With a Custom ANA2 Skin

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 2.12.02 PM.png
echo sound works drip ana2 skin.png

Talk is Cheap. Take a Listen

Every sound is from Drip except for the drums

Drip Demo - Flute Fire


Drip Demo - Miracle


Drip Demo - Ratchet


Drip - Saved by the Bell


Drip - Study Beats


Drip Demo - DaBaby Vibes



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