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User Agreement

User License Agreement

1.) Agreement


This license agreement is made between User and Echo Sound Works at the date of purchase or download. User hereby agrees to the following upon downloading the link(s) provided by Echo Sound Works and extracting in part or in whole the contents of the .rar file or .zip file. 

2.) License and Use


All material contained herein is the sole property and creation of Echo Sound Works. The sale of any sound, sample, soundset, sample pack or variation thereof is not a transfer of ownership. 


User has been granted one (1) non transferable, non-exclusive license and right to use any sound or sample herein contained royalty free in either commercial or non commercial audio productions (beats, instrumentals, full songs, compositions) without consent from Echo Sound Works. This includes streaming platforms, TV and Film, Video games etc.


User agrees to not resell, re-compile, lend, lease or repackage any of the sounds or samples herein in any competitive products, free or paid,  like other sample packs, soundsets, FLP files, ALS Files, and any other DAW sessions. Doing so is strictly prohibited by law. 

The sounds, samples, presets, and loops included in any Echo Sound Works products may not be used in isolation. They must be used in a greater musical context like a song, beat, or instrumental. This does not include stems for beat sales and mixing or mastering purposes.

3.) Construction Kit Agreement 

User agrees to not loop construction kits and release as original compositions. The construction kit demos are for educational purpose only.

4.) Content ID and White Listing

User is expressly prohibited from registering any beat, song, instrumental, or production using Echo Sound Works' MELODIC loops (guitar loops, piano loops, acapellas, synth loops) and construction kits with any Content Identification systems. User agrees to omit any song, instrumental, beat, or composition using any Echo Sound Works Melody loops or samples from the YouTube Content ID program. This does not pertain to drum loops, percussion loops, hi hat loops, or any other non tonal loop.


User also agrees to whitelist the Echo Sound Works YouTube account if User publishes a song, instrumental, beat, or composition on YouTube using any Echo Sound Works loops or samples.

These loops and samples include:


  1. Guitar Loops

  2. Vocal Chop Loops

  3. Acapellas

  4. Construction Kits

  5. Melodic Loops

  6. Piano Loops


Let's stop the contract lingo for a second and explain why we ask you to do this. If you download a pack (whether it's free or paid) and you create a beat, song, track, or production using one of our melodic loops and you submit it to a Content ID program, no one else will be able to use that loop or construction kit.


User agrees to communicate this information to any music distribution service and or YouTube network. These include but are not limited to CD Baby, Tune Core, DistroKid, Trap Nation, NCS Sounds, Songtradr  etc., and any other person or entity who publishes or distributes song(s) using the aforementioned criteria above. 

User is entitled to generate ad revenue on his or her own YouTube network.

In the event User has not taken the appropriate steps listed above and Echo Sound Works receives a copyright claim against the channel and a Echo Sound Works video has been monetized on artist's behalf, user agrees to the following:

Within 3 days of written notice, User will take the appropriate steps to remove the copyright claim and white list the Echo Sound Works channel from further copyright claims.

5.) Beats and Track Stems 

We understand that you may need to track out or "stem" a beat you made using our sounds or samples to send to a client or to lease on sites like Beatstars. This is fine as long as the isolated sounds and loops stay between you and your client. 

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