Learn how to create a drop like Illenium or Gryffin

Learn how to make an Illenium style drop in this tutorial!

This video will show you how to make that iconic drum fill sound heard in productions by artists like Jack U, Major Lazer, DJ Snake and more!

Learn 3 essential tips for making your mixes louder everytime!

Huge 808's don't have to be hard. Learn how to make your 808's cut through the mix here.

Get 3 great tips that will help make 808's pop out more for your audience who listen on small speakers

Add professional sounding polish and depth to any lead or vocal with this trick.

It sounds crazy but it works!

Learn how to build Future Bass drum grooves. Tons of great tips and tricks in this video.

Learn how to make a DJ Snake style drop using a vocal synth sound in Serum. Snake Lazers V.1 to the rescue!

Avoid these 3 common mistakes when mixing with EQ

Learn how to use subtractive EQ and additive EQ in the mix. These are to very powerful mixing tools!

Static mixing is a great way to get your mix sounding right before you add any FX or plugins. 

Learn how to use your DAW to come up with drum fill ideas!

Wizard hack to create realistic sounding vocal doubles.

Mid side EQ is a great way to create separation in any mix. Sometimes it works better than panning.

Learn how to make your mixes sound better in MONO.

Learn how to create a drop like Illenium or Gryffin

Quickly learn how to make Moombahton inspired drum grooves artist's like Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Jack U and many others have made popular.

Learn how to make a Chainsmokers style track in this video

Sometimes we have to mix on headphones. Get the most out of a less than ideal situation.

Check out a plugin of the week video where I show you a really cool transient shaping plugin.

This interesting technique will help make your sounds stand out more in the mix.

Learn the easiest way to create region repeats off the grid in Logic Pro X.

Learn some cool tips and tricks to make a sound have more weight in the mix!

We made a video of YOUR top production tip and tricks!

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