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Hey guys, we wanted to give out some really high quality 808 samples for FREE. You can never have enough of those! These samples will work perfectly with multiple genres of EDM like Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep and so much more. They will also work really well in any Hip Hop production. 


We made these while we were creating the hundreds of 808 samples we made for our Kontakt Sub/808 Library SUB ZERO 808. These are without a doubt some of the best free 808 sounds you will find on the net!

Also, if you're struggling to get that huge 808 sound without taking up the whole mix, check out our free tutorial video below on making bigger 808's.


ESW Free 808 11- F

ESW Free 808 02 - F

ESW Free 808 01 - F

ESW Free 808 09 - F

ESW Free 808 13 - F

ESW Free 808 02 - F

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