EDM Drops V.1 for NI Massive is a comprehensive soundset that covers nearly every genre of EDM from Electro, Progressive, Progressive House, Dubsteb and Complextro. 


Getting your drop to have the right sound and energy is one of the most difficult parts about producing EDM. With EDM Drops V.1 your drops will be sounding bigger and fuller in no time.


Every sound was tested out in a production environment and if a particular preset that we made didn't strike any creative ideas, we tossed it. We made nearly 200 presets and kept only the best, most usable ones. You end up with 150 presets with all 8 Macros active so you can quickly change and tweak the sounds. 


We've also included a ton of bonus items like the drum samples from the demo, 5 Logic X sessions and 10 MIDI files. Here is everything that is included:


Here's all the material you get:


-- 150 Massive Presets

-- 50 Kick Samples

-- 5 Logic X Sessions

-- 10 MIDI Files